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Are u familiar with Uruguay legislation concerning planting your own pot? what do u tihnk of it ?


I think it’s horse shit having to register with the government that you’re growing ganja at home. Where is there a list of citizens growing tomatoes or carrots in their backyard?

Accruing lists of growers has time and time again been an effortless way for law enforcement to exercise illegal discrimination. It’s either legal to grow, or it’s not. Lists of cannabis consumers/producers always been a communist hunting extension of stoner stigmatization. Sure, we won’t hunt you down for consuming that harmless plant anymore — however we will put you on a list accessible by police and make their job even easier. And while 6 plants could be plenty for a portion of stoners, there are others who need to consume a considerably larger quantity.

Although, the commendable aspect of Uruguays legalization was the acknowledgment of weed in the workplace. Allowing people to be stoned within functional limits is something that stoners struggle to get in other countries and states with strict drug testing standards.

I think it’s cool to have clubs grow the cannabis for citizens, collectives have worked very well in California. Not everyone is born or gifted with the ambition to cultivate cannabis. Access to these clubs creates a place for cannabis connoisseurs to come together and provide high quality pot to their community — exactly as local growers do now. Having clubs registered with the government shouldn’t be a big deal at all, considering they’ll probably need business licenses and permits and all that jazz. And a 99 plant limitation is pretty generous considering how ginormous ganja gets in greenhouse scenarios.

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"Claim her, love her, fuck her, spoil her, trust her."
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